About Me

O Happy Daymio[print-me]

Hi, it’s great to meet you, my name is Mio and I live at the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

I have been a tennis fan, writer, and visual artist for many years.

Whatever is Worth Doing, Shell be Done in Style and Elegance!

My hobbies include conceptual art, writing short stories and taking photos of interesting road-signs and banksia trees. I am a passionate reader and coffee drinker.

Here is my description of myself?

a man for all seasons — disposable degradable recyclable — creative with words and thoughts — interested in arts and galleries — retired — bohemian — thinks before talking — walks without stopping — loves nature, plants and wildlife — long country drives — live music — coffee, style and elegance

Everyone Has a Dream

The World can be a better place, but only if we work towards improving it.

Good Bye:

Good Luck and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me on Mio@ZootClub.com.