About Zoot


Just Zoot (album 1970)

Did you say Zoosk?

No, Zoot.

Never heard.

Never mind.

So, what is it?

One of those ambiguous words.

What does it stand for?

What does it mean?

Zoot is a word that does not have a unique, specific meaning. Instead, it references items, trends and characters that depart from or challenge traditional norms and could be broadly described as alternative.

Do we need a word for someone who does whatever they want and doesn’t care about what anyone says?

It originated from a street jargon. It refers to those that don’t fit into any particular group. But I must admit, it does sound right in certain situations.

Such as?

A gesture of affection that consists of hands gently bouncing through the air from your heart to another’s heart and saying the words “zoot, zoot, zoot”!

Like little hearts flying through space from one heart to another or from one person to another.

Or it might be thought of as a symbol representing the message: ”I love you” or “I am sending you my love”.

Zoot is a silly term expressing love or affection. It means the same as I love you. “Love” equals “zoot”. “Love, love” equals “zoot, zoot”.

It is used as a way to symbolically forgive another.

In an alternative way.

You mean to tell someone you love them or connect through writing or phone messages?

A syntax with a guesswork semantics?

A lack of precision?

It does have certain appeal, because it is mysterious.
Imagine that you have just dropped your child off at school and they look back at you and you make a gesture through the car window towards them and say “zoot, zoot, zoot”!
If they are not teenagers, they usually respond! If they are teenagers, they grimace but their hearts sing!


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