Bohemian Appearance

Bohemians do not insist on being different from other people, but they often look different.


Keith in Berlin

Usually, people considered as bohemians are highly individualistic and tend to ignore and undermine the rules, trends and conventions of the majority.

What sets them apart is not so much their appearance, as the dedication to own personal choices in mainly artistic, intellectual and social aspects.

Bohemian is not someone who just looks as a gypsy. Within bohemian circles, there are some individuals dressed in ordinary clothes. However, the rejection of being guided by the expectations of others often results in personal preferences to wacky hairstyles and “unusual” choices of wardrobe. In any case the emphasis is on trying to maximise wardrobe’s versatility.

Characteristics of Bohemian Appearance

How to recognise someone who looks like a bohemian? It seems that men prefer to wear a small black mobster hat with an either white or bright red or blue long scarf, dark blazers made of linen, cotton or velvet or jackets with shorter sleeves to enable the shirt’s cuffs to be seen. Most garments are usually covered with an excessive a number of buttons. They pay special attention to their leather shoes. Some artists and musicians prefer weird-coloured Dr Martens footwear.

Women tend to wear pants or sari-like floral maxi-skirts and tight low-cut blouses, accompanied with unruly hairstyle and a lot of jewellery. Shoes are usually flat for practical reasons. In cooler months, they prefer to wear oversized woollen jumpers with extremely long sleeves. Girls wear elegant short skirts with dark low-cut tops. Stockings are either fishnets or of an over-the-knee length. The application of makeup varies from excessive use resembling body-paint to just minimal or no make-up at all.


Keith Richards Bust by Sissy Piana

Highly Individual Style

Most bohemians pay much attention to their appearance, which is considered to be an extension of their individual creative space. If they happen not to have what they would like, they are not ashamed to wear what they’ve got.

The presentation of self through dressing in distinctive outfits contributes to the idea of a transformance (the practice of a transformation performance), similar to actors in the theatre wearing adequate costumes. It is a game aiming at enriching the social interactions.

It comes across as if the whole life is perceived as a carnival.

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