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Jeep Antics 1957

The Winner of the Funniest Home Videos

Maddrell Family Entertainment

These were better days. Back then farmers used to have time for fun after finishing day’s work.

Two brothers, John and Gary, lived and worked on adjacent farms in Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia.

Gary Maddrell played football for Manly Sea Eagles, rode horses at big races and had a short but successful boxing career.

John Maddrell enjoyed flying airplanes. He was thrilled to be up in the air.

Pub With No Beer (1957)

The Worst Thing Imaginable

Pub With No Beer

The poem was originally written by Dan Sheahan who emigrated from Ireland to NSW and then Queensland. He rode his horse 20 miles to Ingham town to the Day Dawn Hotel for a beer.

It was during the war and beer was rationed, a group of American servicemen from Brisbane drank it all. He went to the back of the bar and wrote the poem which was published in the North Queensland register.

Years later Gordon Parsons adapted this poem and Slim Dusty had a hit with it.

Country Road Train in Australia

The Longest Truck in The World

Country Road Trains

In the Australian outback, where for hundreds of kilometres around you to meet a couple of other cattle-farms, or “stations”, as they call them, train – a vital necessity. After all, in order to deliver the goods to the destination of the train, the owner, such as a sheep station would have to get their living from the load to the nearest railway hundreds of kilometres.

Road trains are powerful trucks with two, three or more huge trailer. They are capable in a matter of days to cross the Green Continent, connecting the country’s states and territories.

Mount Isa Street Brawls

Violent Street Brawls in Mount Isa

Grass Roots Female Boxing

It was recently reported that once again a huge fight involving hundreds of mainly women broke out in Mount Isa, in the State’s north-west.

The first officers to arrive had to call in extra support to deal with the massive brawl, as people fought and wrecked property.

Initially, a smaller fights broke out among the large crowd of spectators, and participants allegedly brandished bottles and star pickets. Fifteen people were charged for a “large street disturbance”. They include a woman who is facing serious assault charges after allegedly head-butting a female police officer.

Heart Reef – The Great Barrier Reef

Heart Reef – The Great Barrier Reef – Whitsundays

The Iconic Heart Reef in Queensland Australia

Heart Reef is a stunning composition of coral that has naturally formed into the shape of a heart.
The island is located within the area of the Great Barrier Reef called Hardy Reef.
It’s best experienced from the air, by helicopter, light plane or seaplane.

Rainbow D.N.A.

DJ DOLPHIN Coral Reef Audio Adventure

Rainbow D.N.A. Digital Art

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