Handyman Blues

Handyman blues — You always work — And never snooze

Building a shed — Or riding a mop — You always work — Hardly ever stop

Hammering along — Cutting with saw — It’s never enough — She always wants more

Painting the deck — Or shovelling the sand — I cannot imagine — When this will end


No time for cricket — Golf on the run — There is always something — I haven’t yet done

My days are full — Of nails and screws — More time would help — To focus on booze

Since I was a kid — I wished I knew — How to break horse — Or chase a roo

The pavement is finished — I fixed her bra — There she is again — To open her jar


Some days are short — More often long — I like to work — That keeps me strong

Weeding the garden — Washing her dog — I don’t need break — Just gallons of grog

Then I’m hungry — Later I’m full — But then she tells me — To clean the pool

And there I am — Singing the blues — No need to relax — Just get more booze


And for the end — Good buy my song — With horrible meter

And what’s my name — Just call me Peter

All together now! …