Hippie Appearance

Hippie movement started as a spontaneous collaborative effort of a growing number of middle-class young people who in the late 1950s felt that they did not fit into the accepted society.


Woodstock Festival Hare Krishna

Hippie Movement

The mass movement grew fast on the collective feeling that the World was a boring and suffocating place. The main aspects of the movement were an interest in alternative clothing and music, social activism, and eastern cultures and their mind-broadening rituals.

Hippies bonded around their antiwar feelings, but they also broke away from the restrictions of society by practicing “free love” or casual sex, and using drugs, especially marijuana and the hallucinatory drug LSD, both for fun and to open their minds to new ways of seeing the world.


Woodstock Festival Fun in Mud

Alternative Lifestyle

They rejected the modern American mainstream, instead opting for ethnic clothes and old-fashioned styles. Both men and women commonly wore headbands, floppy hats, flowing scarves, and beads with blue jeans or bell-bottoms and tie-dyed T-shirts.

Rebelling against corporate culture meant making clothes or buying them cheaply at misfit shops and military surplus stores. Hippie clothes were often ragged and patched or embroidered. Flowered clothing and embroidery were popular, and flowers became an important hippie symbol because hippies were strongly inclined towards bonding with nature.

As the hippies grew older and styles changed, people continued to feel nostalgic about hippie style and values. The 1980s and 1990s saw occasional revivals of hippie fashion and music.


Woodstock Przystanek 2009

While the memory of ideological platform and symbolic presentation steadily faded, new fashion trends focused on imitating stereotyped hippie outfits. The common hippie style elements include bell-bottom pants, long skirts, vests, large blouses, and accessories such as beads, scarves and headbands.

An outstanding feature of hippie clothing are psychedelic patterns and vibrant colours. They were often matched with the appropriate body appearance such as men with beards and long hair and women dressing bra-less or without shaving their body hair.

Hippie movements has definitely made a significant cultural mark and stands out as a distinctive and unique cultural phenomenon.

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