Intoxicated Dream

The rain – Is drumming – On rooftops and gutters – Whole night
No reason to break – No reason to cry – My wine-glass – Is learning to fly
Silent landscape – Disturbed by the bell – New arrivals – Entering the hell
A dozen of sand-flies – Born by the sea – Flying south – To snowfields to ski


With memories faded – Along the race – Sitting together – At the happy place
Mellow grass scattered – Around the hearts – Living and giving – According to charts
Sometimes we say – Things we don’t mean – Who else to blame – But the tinny gean
 To touch, be touched – By those who care – Squeezing the feeling – Out of despair


White night, white night – How to picture intoxicated dream – Dressed to impress – Pink Floyd scream
Look there is a postman – On piano stool – And the scientist – Acting like a fool
Waiting for evening – And another day – Flood water rising – Over rocks in the bay
Sitting alone – Where we are yet to be – Strangled gently – Like a cup of the tea