Self Portrait: Film and Poster


Self Portrait Film Poster

The artist leans a film camera on his forehead and activates the camera.

A static black image is recorded.

During the filming another person takes a photo of the artist.

Project components:
The work demonstrates the awareness of the coexistence of parallel realities:

Process itself
Body art performance (process of filming) and

Process observation
Document of the process (a single photograph).

The project is presented in two media: printed image and film.

Printed image:
A black and white poster (static display)

A film projection (dynamic media, static images) 

Film projection:
Film has two parts (both with a noticeable absence of moving images).
The first part shows a black image (a photo developed from a frame from the film).
The second part shows a single black and white photo (taken to document the process).

Poster (black & white):
The poster is divided in two halves.
On the left side is a black image (one of the frames from the film).
On the right side is the photo of the artist with the camera (taken during filming).