When I was Very Very Young

When I was very, very young — I didn’t know

Who wrote the song — About Michael Chan and Lindsey Wong

However, when I was very, very young — The door-bell rung

In front stood my mum’s friend Betty — So, I went to feed my ratty


He comes out — From storm-water drain — He told me daylight — Drives him insane

My green frog Fred — Likes peanut on brad — My cute dove Chloe — Favours David Bowie

I think I heard — The storm-bird — Take that car away! — All I hear is the car …

Before or during — Stormy weather — It tries to announce — It lost a feather


I watch my goldfish — Billy and Louie — Before they move — To Sekisui

I am good — At thinking — With or — Without blinking

You are upside-down — You are inside-out — And let’s be blunt — You are indeed back to the front

I worked it all out — When I grow up — I’m gonna marry — Charming prince Harry


His eyes are sweet — Remind me on cherry — His facial hair — Like teddy bear

Look that wasp — In pet-shop window — It feels trapped — Inside kept

I asked to get him — Out on a bail — But shopkeeper said — He is not for sale